Public interest contracts and grants—performance of recipients

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Body text for: Appendix 01 - Public interest contracts and grants—performance of recipients

During 2016–17, we administered contracts for the delivery of the following public interest telecommunications services:

  • Universal Service Obligation Standard Telephone Service and Payphones
  • Emergency Call Service
  • Voice-Only Migration related services
  • National Relay Service (Relay and Outreach Services).

Each contract that we administered included obligations to submit reports to allow us to assess compliance of the providers with contractual requirements.

All reporting and contractual obligations were met.

The 2012–17 funding deed with the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) expired on 30 May 2017. After conducting a review of the effectiveness of section 593 of the Telecommunications Act 1997, the Department entered into a new funding agreement with ACCAN on 8 June 2017. The new agreement will expire on 31 May 2022.

Table 5.1 Public interest telecommunications services contractual details



Value (2016-17)


Deliverables achieved

Universal Service Obligation—Standard Telephone Service


$253 million (including GSTDefinition:goods and services tax)



Universal Service Obligation—Payphones


$44 million (including GST)



Emergency Call Service


$16.3 million (including GST)



Voice-Only Migration


The estimated total amount to be paid under these arrangements is up to a maximum of $150 million over 10 years (excluding GST)

1/7/2012 until the conclusion of the National Broadband Network rollout


National Relay Service—Relay Service

Australian Communication Exchange Ltd (ACE)

$27.9 million (including GST)



National Relay Service—Outreach Service

CFW Spice Pty Ltd (WestWood Spice)

$4.3 million (including GST)