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Annual Report 2015/16

07 Case Studies

Case study 6:Bureau of Communications Research

The Bureau of Communications Research (BCR) is the Department’s in-house economic and statistical research capability. It supports the Government by providing research and conducting economic and data analysis on communications and arts portfolio issues and informing discussion and debate.

The BCRDefinition:Bureau of Communications Research ’s work supports fact-based policy development within the Department. The BCR has undertaken research on economic and technological developments, analysed communications and arts trends and issues, and stimulated informed discussion on these issues. The BCR works closely with other parts of the Department to gather ideas and share data and resources. It has been a key contributor to information on the intranet that helps to better understand the issues affecting the communications sector and has actively supported the Department’s InFocus series of events.

Much of the BCR's work is commissioned within the Department.

The BCR's work in 2015–16 included reviews into:

  • NBNDefinition:National Broadband Network Co’s non-commercial services, including transparent, competitively neutral funding options
  • geospatial mapping and analysis services for cross-department functions including the Mobile Black Spots Database and Mobile Black Spots Proposed Coverage
  • the quality and availability of information and communications technology (ICT) statistics in Australia. This was a joint review with the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

the BCR has been a key contributor to information on the intranet

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