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13.14 2013-14 Annual Report

The Department of Communications promotes an innovative and competitive communications sector so Australians can realise the full potential of digital technologies and communications services.

Our four strategic priorities are:

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    Digital Infrastructure

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    Promoting Efficient Communication Markets

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    Our Capabilities

A historic milestone was achieved with the final switchover from analog to digital-only free-to-air television transmission

This represents the biggest change in Australian broadcasting since the introduction of colour television almost 40 years ago.

8.7 million households are now able to access digital-only free-to-air television

40 years ago

8.7 Million

More than 178 000

Households across Australia were accessing the

VAST More Information service, with more than

212 000

set top boxes installed

The Restack Programme is in the process of moving

More Information

1467 UHF

digital television services out of Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) so that the vacated spectrum can be used for new services such as mobile and wireless broadband

70% of the viewing population has successfully retuned


We supported seven reviews of the NBN

  1. Strategic Review
    of the NBN
  2. Fixed Wireless
    and Satellite
  3. The Statutory Review under section 152EOA of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010
  4. Independent Audit
    of the NBN Public Policy Processes
  5. The KordaMentha review of NBNCo Corporate Governance
  6. The Independent Cost-Benefit Analysis of Broadband
  7. The NBN Market and Regulatory Review

We successfully designed a predictive model to evaluate broadband within

78 000 areas across Australia

The Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme wrapped-up

More Information

Since 2002 the Scheme provided over 29 000 subsidies against the purchase price of a satellite handset for people living, working and travelling in areas without terrestrial mobile phone coverage

Image of a satellite rotating from side to side sending out radio waves to a phone and Australia

29 000

To assist SMEs and NFPs transition into the digital age and realise the benefits of high-speed broadband

9 industry peak bodies were funded to develop online

Digital Business Kits

More Information

9 Industry peak bodies

The Cybersafety Help and Advice website received over 95 000 hits

The Help Button can now be accessed on over 1000000 Telstra mobile devices

in addition to over

950 000 computers and mobile devices with existing access

The Digital Hub programme had delivered

More Information

14 235 group training sessions


37 144 individual mentoring sessions


97 433 participants

We also
expect to save $35 million through deregulation measures

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